Shotcrete Trimmer

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The Shotcrete Trimmer is a lightweight weed whacker that we use to trim down high spots in shotcrete.

When spraying concrete in a dome, the last two or three coats are used to make the dome as smooth as possible. When spraying the dome and embedding the rebar, it’s hard to make the pattern of the rebar go away. So, when the concrete has covered the rebar, we use this tool to cut down the rebar’s high spots. When we trim the high spots well, the next coat of concrete is smooth. We usually trim the concrete on the last two coats before the final coat.

We have found that these Shotcrete Trimmers do the job far better than many others. Most lumber yards sell big, heavy weed whackers that are hard to hold above your head and hard to bend. So, they won’t gouge the concrete walls and make more lines.

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