Vibrating Screen

Regular price $ 3,200.00

The new Vibrating Screen definitely makes concrete mixing and spraying run much smoother. David South, President of Monolithic said, “I have worked with lots of screens and this one is, by far, better than 99% of what’s available on the market.”

The new Vibrating Screen created by Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing is especially designed to fit on the hopper of the EHP 1500 and EHP 2000 pump. It’s sole purpose is to filter out wrong-size aggregate and trash that often comes in aggregate and/or concrete from Ready Mix plants.

At times sand or aggregate may not be mixed well. This screen is not intended to be used as a substitute pump.

The dimensions are such that the mixer will dump directly into the screen. The screen is equipped with an air-powered turbine vibrator, the most durable and quietest vibrator available. It sits on isolators so aggregate has less tendency to pack the concrete in the pump. The screen can be partially slid off the hopper to allow space to use a shovel to agitate the mixture and/or clean the hopper.