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The Monolithic Portable Concrete / Mortar Mixer brings the term “portable concrete mixer” to a whole new level. Most so-called portable mixers have to be transported to the job-site. Then the aggregate must be moved to and shoveled into the mixer. Then the bags of cement must be moved to the mixer and usually hoisted up and into the barrel. Then the mixture must be dumped into a wheelbarrow and transported to the forms. All of these steps are backbreaking and time-consuming.

Monolithic’s Portable Concrete Mixer does the hard work for you. It is an attachment for a skid-steer or other front-end loader, so it is totally mobile. And it’s self-loading, so sand and gravel do not need to be hand shoveled. It mixes extremely quickly and is easy to maintain.

With a Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer, the sand pile can be in one location, the cement in another and the discharge point at a third. This Mixer travels easily between the three locations. Its mixing speed is a great advantage, since it’s at least twice as fast as most so-called portable mixers. Monolithic’s Portable Concrete Mixer can easily mix two to three cubic yards of concrete or mortar per hour.

All shotcrete companies, whether they build Monolithic Domes or not, should own a Monolithic Portable Mixer. Even on large jobs that are serviced by ready-mix trucks, it is amazing how helpful it is to have a Monolithic Portable Mixer attachment on a skid-steer.

The Mixer is very useful for finishing touches and can be utilized for smaller projects on the site. It goes without saying the Monolithic Portable Mixer is the absolute best device to have (next to a good shotcrete pump) for smaller jobs. Remote jobs are made easy with a Monolithic Portable Mixer.

Every fence company needs a Monolithic Portable Mixer. It not only mixes, but it delivers. By using the slide side dump, post holes are a breeze. The labor saved pays for it in a short time.

Masonry contractors can use the Monolithic Portable Mixer to efficiently mix and deliver the mortar to the masons. With a set of forks, a bucket, and the Monolithic Portable Mixer, a skid-steer eliminates a huge part of the backbreaking work of laying block or brick. Masons should also consider a Monolithic Pump to pump the mortar on high buildings to the worker.

ICF builders need both a Monolithic GHP to fill the blocks and a Monolithic Portable Mixer to mix the block fill. This equipment can also spray shotcrete or stucco on the outer surfaces of ICFs.

For those that build using Insteel panels, the use of the Monolithic Portable Mixer and the Monolithic GHP is invaluable. Stucco mixing is simple with the Monolithic Portable Mixer, since it eliminates most of the work. Refractory linings can be easily mixed and transported using a Monolithic Portable Mixer.

The list of uses for the Monolithic Portable Mixer, such as those mentioned, only scratch the surface. Other ways to use this Mixer include mixing livestock feed, flower bed mixes, mulches, and more.

The following is a short video clip of the skid steer attachment, the Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer, in action. This is an excerpt from a 15-minute demo that is included on the new Info Pak Video (available on dvd).


Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer — Skid-Steer Attachment Specs

  • A universal mounting plate, making it possible to mount the Monolithic Portable Mixer on the front of any skid-steer loader.
  • The capability to mix 1/3 yard (or less) of concrete at a time.
  • A convenient bag breaker built into the top of the mixer.
  • An ability to self-load: The Monolithic Portable Mixer tilts to scoop sand and rights itself to receive cement and water.
  • A dual release ability that allows concrete to be dumped from the Mixer by tilting it over the front or by opening a slide gate at its bottom.
  • Remote hydraulics that activate its paddles, turning them in either direction.
  • Abrasion resistant steel used in the Mixer’s construction.
  • Mixes up to 3/4" aggregate

Empty, the Monolithic Portable Mixer weighs 650 pounds; loaded with 1/3 yard of concrete, it weighs about 1800 pounds. It can be mounted on a skid loader rated at a minimum of 1300 pounds, but the skid loader may need counterweights.

The Monolithic Portable Mixer’s hydraulic motor requires 15.8 GPM (gallons per minute) of hydraulic oil. A higher GPM on the skid steer will just result in faster turning paddles.

Note: Monolithic’s Portable Mixer fits most skid-steer loaders built since 1999. It’s fitted with a universal mounting plate. Hoses hooked to the hydraulic motor make the Mixer’s paddles turn. These hoses need to be coupled to the skid-steer loader’s external hydraulics. That is accomplished with snap couplers. The snap couplers are specific to each skid loader and are not included with the Monolithic Portable Mixer. They can be purchased at most hydraulic equipment dealers.

Click here to see how rentable and buyable the Monolithic Portable Mixers are!


“I love the Monolithic Portable Mixer. It’s a great machine. We use it for retaining walls, forms, construction of prefabricated metal buildings, foundations, domes and more. We also use it for making brick mortar. It hasn’t stopped working since the day I bought it. During an average week the machines get about 16 hours of usage. I think it’s the best piece of equipment Monolithic has invented and by far the best piece of equipment we own. It’s adaptable and would work for anyone. Landscapers would love this machine. After using the Monolithic Portable Mixer, you’ll never use the other mixers again. It’s easy to clean, maintain and runs beautifully. We are thinking of purchasing five more in the very near future.”

Daniel Clark, Imperial Beach, California

“We will not build a dome, pour concrete, or build walls without the Monolithic Portable Mixer. It is the best tool in our arsenal for many reasons. You control the mix design. Our standard mix design is 10 buckets of sand, 2 bags of cement, 2 oz. of Kel-Crete, and about 10 buckets of water. This is a very strong mix and works well in the 2” concrete pumps, but sometimes with the 1.5" pumps we have to use a little less sand (about 8 buckets). What we’re doing is increasing the amount of cement so that it pumps easier. We can also alter the mix design to make trowelling the dome easier. Our favorite trowelling mix is 1- 50 lb. bag of lime, a half-bag of cement, 2 oz. Kel-Crete and 10 – 15 bags of water. This is a very weak mix, not structural, but is very workable for 3 or 4 hours (perfect for trowelling the dome smooth). As you can see, being able to control the mud from the job site definitely improves job quality.

“You control the amount of concrete. If you have ever been on a job site using redi-mix and you’re a yard short, you order a 1 yard truck, but you pay the same as a 6 yard truck. The money saved on tags pays for the mixer in no time. No more calling the concrete company and asking if you can spray at 7am or 8am. No more are you closed on Saturday! You spray when you want, how much you want, and for less money. Not to mention the fact you can carry it with your skid-steer anywhere you want. This also applies to small jobs like sidewalks, post holes, spray-in-place fencing, or a spray-in-place retaining walls.”

Mike South, Monolithic Constructors, Inc. Italy, Texas

“I wouldn’t have anything but the Monolithic Portable Mixer. I have used it to do hundreds of yards of concrete and have built 12 domes so far with the mixer. The quality of the cement being sprayed onto the dome is 100 times better than what you get using a truck. I’ve had a few minor repairs, but had it up and running within a day or two at most.”

Bill Frayley, Global Dome Builders, Mondore, Wisconsin

I purchased it a year ago and have built one 800 square-foot rental dome using the mixer. I am getting ready to do a 2000 square-foot home soon. It worked fine. It’s a great machine. No problems at all. It really did the job well.

Jordan Carl, Waco, Texas

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