Monolithic GHP 1500 Direct Drive

Regular price $ 28,957.50

The Monolithic GHP 1500 Direct Drive is a gas-powered lightweight 1.5" peristaltic hose concrete pump run by a highly-reliable Honda power pack. This sturdy workhorse is made better with the added improvement of a direct drive to the carousel. The Mudslinger GHP 1500 Direct Drive uses an 8hp Honda power pack, has a 5-gallon fuel capacity, is skid mounted, and weighs about 800 pounds.

Production capacity 3 cubic yards of concrete.


  • 88” long, 34” wide, 38” tall
  • Weight 800 lbs.
  • Shipping weight 840 lbs.
  • Optional package weight 60 lbs (fits into the hopper for shipping)
  • Vibrating Screen weight 150 lbs (adds 12” to overall height of pump)

Pumping Distance

  • Vertical- about 25’
  • Horizontal – 100’ with hose / 150’ with pipe


  • Gas power – eliminates need for electrical access at the job site and/or the use of a generator.
  • Honda power packs – usually perform well and require little maintenance. If needed, Honda parts and repairs are usually accessible through dealerships.


  • Five-gallon fuel capacity – allows the GHP 1500 to run eight or more hours without refueling.
  • Skid mounted – can be loaded into the back of a pick-up truck or on a trailer. GHP 1500 can also be equipped with an axle and towed.
  • Hoses – uses 1 1/2” diameter hoses, available in lengths of 25, and 50 feet.
  • Pumping capability – pumps about three cubic yards per hour.


Optional Package Includes:
1.5” x 50’ concrete placement hose
1 extra peristaltic hose
Complete 1.5” spray nozzle with plastic tip
Two 1.5” Hevi-Duty snap clamps with gaskets_