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These are spare parts for the Complete Scaffold Set that we sell.

A. These are the double ladder end frames, they are sold 4 to a complete set, you need 2 end frames to make a single high set of scaffolding.

B. Coupling pins are used to stack another set of end frames to another.

C. The cross brace is another critical part that is used to join the two end frames together. The complete scaffold set ships with 4 cross braces, and two are needed for a single box.

D. The Diagonal Gooser bar is used for extra security with especially tall scaffolds. (The Full Scaffold Set ships with one) (We use these when we go over 3 boxes high.)

E. Casters are installed on the bottom of the two end frames so that you can roll the scaffold on smooth surfaces. They don’t work very well in dirt or on concrete. For rough conditions, see the Paxis Rotating Scaffold.

F. Female Guard posts are used with a coupling pin to set an extra set of hand rails if working on the very top of a scaffold. (For a complete guard rail set, you need four Guard Posts, four Coupling Pins, two (G) 5’ Guard Rails, and two (H) 7’ Guard Rails.)

G. 5’ Guard Rail See (F)

H. 7’ Guard Rail See (F)

I. The 7’ planks are made with an aluminum frame, topped with a piece of 1/2” plywood to make a light, but very sturdy walking plank. Three planks are shipped with each full set of scaffold.

J. Screw Jack with Base Plate (1-3/8 in. Stem)

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