Three Hole Quick Shot

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Introducing the Monolithic Quick Shot.  This handheld shotcrete sprayer is easy to load, and has a surprisingly good throughput.  We have used it to spray a number of small projects, where it's fast efficient design has saved us time and money.  Its all steel construction means that it is long lasting, and will continue to be a good investment.

The Three Hole Model was built to be adjustable. It comes with three holes, three small jets, three large jets, two jet plugs, and two hole plugs. These accessories make it very versatile. We have been spraying with the large center jet and closing-off the two side jets. With this configuration, we have had a very strong spray, good texture, and a rate of 1/3 cubic yard of shotcrete per 30 minutes.

We are also glad to report that it also lays down a very smooth texture.  The texture that it can produce, is similar to those of our larger shotcrete pumps and sprayers.
We recommend an air compressor that has a capacity of 7 c.f.m @ 90 p.s.i.  You can go a bit lower, but you will have wait time in between hopper loads.  Also, larger capacity air tanks will improve its ability to have consistent pressure.
This product takes about 2 weeks to ship out.