Easy-Spred Concrete Additive

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Easy spred is a wonderful concrete additive. “The miracle in the mortar”, as they say.

This is by far the favorite with the crew.

Its advantages are:
  • Makes the concrete stick better. (say goodbye to fall-outs)
  • Makes the concrete pump better
Its disadvantages:
  • Leaches out
  • Harder to use due to the fact that you have to transport the big bags around.

How To Use:

We first, pour the powder into a bucket, or barrel of water. 1 bag makes 50 gallons of slurry. The longer that you let the Easy-Spred mix, the better it works. We suggest using a 55 gallon drum cut in half, and mixing 25 gallons at a time. We use a 1/2 power drill with a paddle mixer to mix the slurry.

Once we have the slurry mixed up, we will use 1- 5 gallon bucket of the Easy Spread into the bucket of the Mixer

  • Concrete Truck

Pour 3 of the bags of powder into a 6 yard truck. Make sure that you give it proper mixing time, and hydration before use.

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