Anchor Point Installation

How to Install:

First, place the anchor point in the center of the dome. Then with a hammer drill, you will drill one of the holes. Be careful when drilling these holes because there is a danger of drilling through the dome. Start by drilling through the airform and foam. When you hit concrete, put a mark on the drill bit with a magic marker so you know exactly how far down 1 3/4 inches is. Then proceed to drill, but don’t push down on the hammer drill, let it do the work. If you push too hard, you run the risk of breaking off a big piece of concrete to the inside of the dome. Once you have gotten the depth, run the drill in and out a few times to clear out all the dust in the hole. Then insert one of the bolts, and with a hammer, hammer it in until it stops. Note: Make sure the nut and washer are already screwed onto the bolt a little ways before hammering, just in case you mess up the threads on the top of the bolt. Then go to the next hole and repeat until all four holes have been drilled and the bolts set. Now before we tighten down the nuts, lift up the plate, and put a healthy bead of the NP1 caulking around the base of the bolt. This will insure that no water will enter the holes that we just drilled. Then push the plate down on the caulking, and tighten the nuts. Once the nuts are tight, we then cut the bolts off with a grinder, or a hack saw, for them to be flush with the top of the bolts.

To Purchase an Anchor Point