Zoom XLT Inflator for Ecoshell I 110V or 220V

Regular price $ 441.00

The Zoom XLT Inflator blower has a 1.5 hp high efficiency motor, which has state-of-the-art construction and screens on open vents for safety and long life.  The handles are designed for easy carrying and the units are also stackable for space efficiency.  

The Zoom XTL is ideal for the small EcoShells because it is almost self regulating. The maximum pressure is about three inches of water column. By the time you figure in the air leaks around the door of the airlock and a small escape of air in other places you wind up with the two inches.

These are really good fans to use if you are only building one or two EcoShells or you are staying strictly with the small domes (20 to 30 foot). If you are going to build the fifty foot dome, you certainly want two of these and one run off a generator at least in the critical times.

**If you are in the business of building Monolithic Domes you want to move up to SC3 Inflator fan. Check out Monolithic’s Website for more info.

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