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The Monolithic Manometer is one of the simplest, but also the most important item in your dome building toolbox. This easy-to-use design will give you quick, easy, and professional-looking pressure reading.

Built specifically for dome construction, this manometer features an adjustable ruler so that you can calibrate the unit on the fly.  This helps account for any evaporation during the project.

Constant, accurate air pressure is one of the most important things in dome construction. See Inflating An Airform and Regulating Air Pressure

Our Manometer outdoes the rest because of its simplicity. Other manometers that you buy, are more prone to clogging or misreading due to moving parts, etc. Ours simply cannot be clogged without your knowledge, and cleaning is as easy as wiping it off.

A few years back during an inflation, we were having trouble getting a reading of two inches of pressure. We were using a fancy brand manometer. It was determined that a small honey bee had crawled into this manometer which resulted in a faulty reading. Unfortunately, before the honey bee was discovered the airform blew off one side of the footing. Lesson learned; Sometimes the simplest tool in the world cannot be improved.

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