How to build an EcoShell I

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The EcoShell is a simple, low-cost concrete dome. It is ideal for low cost housing around the world as a replacement for the junk that is presently in place. It can be built primarily by hand and requires minimum costs and equipment.

The EcoShell can be many sizes. A 10-foot diameter EcoShell I is ideal for a small storage building. A 20-foot diameter EcoShell I can be used for low cost housing in developing countries.

How to build an EcoShell I is an easy to understand, step-by-step instruction manual. Over 60 detailed instructions show each step of the EcoShell I building process. David South created this book so builders who are not fluent in English could follow the simple, detailed illustrations.

Authored by David B. South, President of the Monolithic Dome Institute. Edited by Freda Parker and Melinda South. Illustrated by Merrisa Ramirez and Barry Byers.

Note: The EcoShell is an uninsulated structure and not a replacement for the insulated Monolithic Dome.

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