Replacement Paddle Pads

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For sale here we have 4 polyurethane paddle pads for all models of the Monolithic Mixer. These pads will last a very long time. Normally these pads can be adjusted down once, then flipped over to be used a third and forth time.

Why replace your paddles? The main reason you would want to replace your paddles, is that they would stop cleaning the sides and bottom of the mixer. If the paddles don’t clean those areas well, the concrete will dry, and fall off into the mix the next time you were mixing. Then these pieces could end up in your pump and make a real mess.

Instructions for replacing these pads is fairly self explanatory.

Step 1: Prepare mixer for service

Safety First. Make sure you do not stick you arms in this mixer with the hydraulics hooked up. If someone accidentally starts the paddles while you are working on them, they can kill you.

We suggest taking the hydraulic hoses off of the skid-steer and hooking them to themselves. Hooking the hoses together will create a loop in the hydraulic system. This loop in the system will give you the ability to rotate the paddle assembly by hand, thus removing the temptation to use the skid-steer to rotate the paddles while you are working on them.

Step 2: Remove the bolts

Remove the first set of bolts. This can sometimes be a challenge if the bolts have very much concrete on them. I wish I knew a simple quick and easy method of removing concrete from these threads, but I don’t. Just get a wire brush, and some good wrenches, and they’ll come off.

Step 3: Replace the paddle

Simple replace the paddle and tighten the bolts down almost tight. If you leave the paddle just a little loose, you can make a full rotation with the paddles to make sure that the paddle is just touching the bottom of the mixer. Once you have verified its position, tighten the bolts back up.

Once you have finished replacing all four paddles, you’re done.

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