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    Our addition to the traditional hard hat is a plastic wrap holder attached to the brim. The plastic wrap looks a little silly, but it is the best protection when you spray concrete overhead. Traditionally, shotcrete is sprayed with nothing more than a pair of safety glasses. When you spray overhead, you get rebound onto the glasses that drops visibility down to zero.

    With plastic wrap, you simply pull more down as needed. It keeps your face and your safety glasses clean. We recommend that you buy Glad brand Handiwrap. It seems to work the best for this device.

    Our elbow length gloves are heavy duty and totally waterproof. A pair of light weight cotton gloves can be worn inside of them. It is absolutely necessary to protect the sprayer and others from long term contact with wet concrete. Long term contact will cause sores.

    Concrete must not be allowed into the gloves, wrist area or leg areas or it will burn. That is why we sell and use these elbow length gloves.

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