• Bayblock II Coating (55 Gallon Drum)


  • $ 1,592.00

  • Description

    Bayblock II (New name for Durashield II) is a technologically advanced acrylic-elastomer coating uniquely formulated for the protection of sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation and other construction surfaces.

    Bayblock II is formulated to adhere to Monolithic Dome Airforms, polyurethane foam, and a diversity of other substrates. If applied directly to the Airform is it recommended to use Monoform Primer.

    It produces a seamless, flexible, durable membrane having exceptional weather-resistance ability, ultraviolet and fire resistance. Bayblock I acts as a “breathing” membrane allowing trapped moisture vapor to pass through the film while remaining impervious to exterior mass water penetration.

    Bayblock II is available in standard Bright White and custom color matching is available upon request. Custom colors require an up-front $150 color matching fee plus a per-gallon fee. Call for exact costs.

    Bayblock II is only available in 55 gallon drums with Bright White their only stocking color.

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