Callisto VI Airform (DL5006)

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50×17.5 The Callisto is what we call the fifty foot Dome. This Dome probably gives more space per dollar than any of the others. Part of it is the window and door design. There is money saved by using inset windows. It has a lot of space, it could be a three or four bedroom, three bedroom with a den and an office and still have a very large living room. This building is large enough for virtually any family by simply adding another Dome to it. You can have a very spacious home.

This airform ia a nonrefundable product. Before you place your order, please be sure that this is exactly what you need and want. Airforms are custom built just for you, which means that few are built for stock. If you are wanting to build an uninsulated thin shell, we recommend that you read the two web articles EcoShell vs Monolithic Dome and Insulation For EcoShells.
Accessories Include
  • Clamp Straps
  • Rebar Hangers
  • Monoform Primer

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