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    The SenseLife TIM8 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor continuously measures carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity to give you accurate information about the quality of air in a room or greenhouse. Just plug it in – the TIM8 turns on instantly, is self-calibrating, and is designed to last for years.

    Unlike chemical gas sensors that last for months and must be replaced, non-dispersive infrared diffusion sensors (NDIR) provide the following benefits:

    • Sensitive & accurate – information you can act upon
    • Self-calibrating – no need to send the monitor in for recalibration
    • No moving parts – nothing to break or wear out
    • Does not loose accuracy in heat or cold
    • Able to store for long time periods – does not lose value over time
    • No over-exposure or negative memory effects


    • CO2 Indication Range: 0 – 9,999 ppm
    • CO2 Accuracy: ± 50ppm + 5% sensing value
    • CO2 Warning Alarms: good, normal, poor (preset or user set)
    • Temperature Indication Range: 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Temperature Accuracy: 2 degrees
    • Humidity Range: 30 to 80% RH
    • Humidity Accuracy: plus or minus 5%
    • Power Consumption: 60mA (max 130mA)
    • Display: Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Temperature, Humidity and CO2
    • Size WxHxD: 115×108×63mm (4.5×4.25×2.5 in.)
    • Weight: 180g (6.3oz)


    110/220 VAC Wall Adapter included
    User’s Manual

    1 year

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