EcoShell I Airform Inflator 220V 50/60 Hz

Regular price $ 1,196.37

The Ecoshell I is inflated using an industrial line vacuum blower. It weighs 20 pounds and is capable of pushing over 100 inches of water column. Great care must be taken not to over inflate because if a sealed Airform is pushed to 100 inches, it would either totally destroy the floor, rip up the Airform or do other serious damage.

The way to use this inflator fan, is to utilize the speed control unit. The total unit should be put on a 15 amp breaker. The maximum amperage of the motor is 12.7 and the maximum amperage of the controller is 10 (we are slightly overloading the speed controller). The motor controller is actually not rated to carry as much current as the motor but as we only use the motor at slower speeds the controller is fine. Warranty for this unit is handled by the manufacturer and we will assemble it for you.

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