Used Airform

Regular price $ 8,000.00

The airform is for building a 40 foot diameter hemispheric dome.  It has no stem wall.  Six copies of plans for a garage with hanger type garage door, large inset south facing window, regular door entry in area next to window.  Bathroom and simple kitchen area, plus washer and dryer in the plans.  
Was to be used as temporary dwelling until planned 60 foot diameter dome was built.  Plan to connect the two comes with a breezeway, future opening for this on the plan.  
A ventilating skylight planned center of dome.  These plans are available for sale if desired.  Have the required 6 copies.
See photos of airform and one page of the plans which have 11 pages, they are official building plans.
Asking $8000.00 for the airform.
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