Water Bottle -- Filters out 99.999% of LEAD

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The Texas Baptist Men's Water Ministry, who developed the Just Water Ceramic Filter system and who deliver that system to devastated areas worldwide, have developed a new product. It's a very portable, store and use just about anywhere, Water Bottle.

This Water Bottle can be used for years. It has a filter that will last for 200 uses or six to eight months and then can be replaced.

It's easy to use. Just fill the bottle with water from almost any source - faucet, creek, stream, etc. Then let the filter soak up almost 25 ounces of water. The Water Bottle's filter removes all dangerous bacteria.

Every home and car should have at least one water-filled Water Bottle. They can be packed in a suitcase and go with you on camping, hiking, fishing, biking trips.

Never use soap on filter or bottle. To clean, rinse with hot water and gently scrub filter with green Scotch-Brite pad. 

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