Io-20 Airform (DL 2001)

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Io-20 is an oblate 20’ x 7’ on a 3.5 foot stem wall. This means the semi-major axis is ten foot, which means the dome is twenty foot in diameter or two times the semi major axis. The semi-minor axis is seven foot, the height of the half oblate. Then we put a three and a half foot integrated vertical stem wall under the oblate. This stem wall is part of the same Airform for a total height of 10.5’. Both the stem wall and the dome are in a single Airform.

This is the size that we have developed for our studio rental units. It can be seen on and other places throughout our website. This Io-20 studio rental unit has gone through many iterations and transitions and variations. We have built at least a dozen variations on the interior floor plans. The one featured here is the one we have settled on as the best and most useful. But it does not mean that some people in other places with other needs may not want something different.

This is A President’s Choice.

This airform is a nonrefundable product. Before you place your order, please be sure that this is exactly what you need and want. Airforms are custom built just for you, which means that few are built for stock. If you are wanting to build an uninsulated thin shell, we recommend that you read the two web articles EcoShell vs Monolithic Dome and Insulation For EcoShells.

Accessories Include

  • Clamp Straps
  • Rebar Hangers
  • Monoform Primer

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