10' x 8' EcoShell I Airform

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Note: The surface area of this airform is slightly more than that of the 8’x10’ yet the floor area is 50% larger. The door is a bit more complex as it will require form work on the outside to form the door opening and frame. The result will be more floor area for your surface area.

This is for a new 10’ x 8’ EcoShell Airform. This includes the airform, airtube (for inflation) and an airlock tube.

This airform is a nonrefundable product. Before you place your order, please be sure that this is exactly what you need and want. Airforms are custom built just for you, which means that few are built for stock. If you are wanting to build an uninsulated thin shell, we recommend that you read the two web articles EcoShell vs Monolithic Dome and Insulation For EcoShells.
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