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    Shipping and Insurance cost are included in the price of the Vortex Turbulator. 

    A Vortex Turbulator™ package includes a Whole House Filter and 1 replacement filter.
    Here's a revolutionary water-invigorating system. The Vortex Turbulator is an easily and affordably maintained, reasonably priced, all encompassing system that will improve and invigorate your water at every indoor and outdoor water outlet. 
    The Vortex Turbulator System:
        * Treats water for industrial applications or your entire home
        * Improves the taste of water and raises its PH
        * Structures and energizes water
        * Makes it alkaline for better body health, internally and externally
        * Softens the water so it reduces residue in pipes and surfaces
        * Increases water capacity and flow for industrial applications
        * Lasts a lifetime and never needs maintenance
        * Uses easily changed filters just three to four times a year
    The Miracle of the Vortex Turbulator
    Have you ever wondered why tornadoes and hurricanes are so powerful? They get their strength from the vortex principle. Once utilized, the vortex principle brings great power to anything: a car's turbo charger, the spin of our universe, the double helix DNA molecule. In all vortex cases, a large amount of power is generated creating a large amount of change. 
    How does this affect the key to life: Water? Enter the Vortex Turbulator. It's a simple device that fully utilizes the vortex principle to atomically change water to its ideal state and be of greater benefit to our health, home and business. 
    Many water systems on the market today cost thousands of dollars and require the addition of salt and constant maintenance. The Vortex Turbulator never needs to be serviced, except for a filter change about three or more times per year. Result: Water that your body's cells can absorb more readily than any bottled water on the market. 
    This water's solvency cleans pipes and keeps them from ever clogging. That innovates industrial applications, making them more efficient with less maintenance. In fact, the inventor of the Vortex Turbulator wanted a way to prevent water cooled air conditioner condensing systems in large structures, such as hospitals, shopping malls and colleges, to continue without building residue. After many trials and errors, the Vortex Turbulator came to life, saving the inventor/founder hundreds of work hours  cleaning condenser systems. The rest is history. 
    Everyone who uses the Vortex Turbulator finds and uncovers unknown benefits that astound and impress the most learned skeptic. There has never been a return, and users find new benefits everyday. Here is a brief list of discovered benefits, to date:
    For the Household - Eliminates scum and mineral buildup on dishes, sink, tub and shower.
        For the Lawn - Lawns and gardens thrive with Turbulated water because roots absorb it much faster; mineral uptake is more efficient, decreasing the need for water and fertilizer.
        For Food - Turbulated water tastes sweet, decreasing need for sugar and artificial sweeteners! All drinks and soups taste much better. Cakes are fluffier, making baking more successful.
        For the Body - Skin is our largest and one of our most important organs. Turbulated water keeps it healthy. Blemishes heal faster because the body hydrates at a faster rate. Increased hydration helps the body detoxify and be less thirsty. In many cases, the second or third week of drinking Turbulated water increases energy and stamina and decreases arthritic pain. Women have reported more body in their hair after shampooing with Turbulated water.
        For Pets - Older pets show the most noticeable improvement with more energy and positive disposition. They are happier and think more clearly.
    For Industry - The Vortex Turbulator restructures water to its ideal atomic state, eliminating deposits and cleaning surfaces that have continuous contact. In short. this water is wetter, more soluble, thinner, more absorbable and faster. 
        For Concrete - The Vortex Turbulator can be connected directly to a water hose, and the wetter water makes concrete quicker and easier to mix. Concrete pumps and shotcrete operations have less clogging, and the flow is quicker; but the concrete itself will be thicker, and the tensile strength of the cured concrete will increase by at least 20%. This occurs because the water is in its ideal state on an atomic level. When the concrete's solutions and suspensions cure and dry, the particulates arrange in a tighter and more uniform configuration that yields greater strength. The proof is in the pudding or, in this case, the concrete. (If using a hose, please specify you want hose fittings when ordering.)
        For the Swimming Pool - Since Turbulated water is antagonistic to anaerobic bacteria the need for chlorine is reduced, and carbon blocks are not needed. Pool water becomes healthier, and costs and cleaning are reduced.
        For Cooling Towers - Here there is an algae problem. Since Turbulated water eliminates TDS (total dissolved solids) concentrations and promotes aerobic bacteria, algae will not grow. Cooling Towers stay clean and provide maximum efficiency. This saves thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.
        For Bars and Restaurants - All drinks taste better and more refreshing. Dishwashers work more efficiently. Dishes and glasses sparkle. Coffee makers don't have a scale problem. Maintenance becomes easier and less costly. 
    The Vortex Turbulator should not be in temperatures below 34˚ or above 108˚. The 3/4 is larger enough for most any home. Commercial units of a larger size are available upon request. 
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