Monolithic Airforms

Io-16.5 — 210 SF
The Io-16.5, is an oblate ellipse 16’6” in diameter by 5’9” on a 3’3” stem wall. This unit makes a nice rental unit. It is a single living unit of 210 square feet—about the size of a large motel room. Each unit includes a bathroom with toilet, shower, and pocket door.
Io-20 — 314 SF
The Io-20 is the airform that we use for the Monolithic Rentals , and its also the type of domes most commonly build at the Monolithic Workshops . It features two augments, one 105” x 85” augment for the front door, and a 54” x 85” augment for the back door.
Io-24 — 452 SF

Io-24 is a 24′ × 9′ on a 3 ft stemwall - This is a building we have built several of. They make a nice rental unit. They are a very good unit for cost and simplicity. You will notice there is almost no hall, no real wasted space. This is a very "tight" building. This building is great for 1 or 2 people.

Io-30’ — 707 SF

30×10.5 on a 1.5 ft stemwall - The thirty foot Dome is an extremely versitile building. It can be built as a studio, a one bedroom, as a two bedroom and even as a tight three bedroom. It is extremely efficient with the use of the materials for the size of the building.

Oberon 32’ — 804 SF

32×11 on 2 ft stemwall - The 32’ is slightly larger than the 30’ but that two feet makes nearly 100 square feet increase of floor space. Check it out for this floor plan. So far we have designed 8 different plans using this same size Monolithic Dome. Check out more plans on the website and in the Dome Living Book. Eight hundred square feet makes a very respectable home for those on a modest budget.

Ariel 36’ — 1017 SF
36 × 13—-The thirty six foot Dome is designed to be utilized as a one thousand and seventeen square foot modest three bedroom, two bath home. The bedrooms are small but the house is ideal where cost is concerned. It not only will cost less to build than most three bedroom homes but it will cost much less to heat and cool.
Janus 40’ — 1256
40×14 - The forty foot dome is twelve hundred and fifty six square feet of floor area. In the not too distant past that was considered a luxury. In fact, it was larger than what FmHA would allow built for a family. Again, this forty foot has many variations of floor plans, any number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. It does make a really nice home for a family
Miranda 45’ — 1590 SF

45×16 - Forty five by sixteen is now moving into the nice to large size home, especially if the family is small. There is a lot of space and if you put a small loft over the center core it is a good place to store last years Christmas tree ornaments, to put in a central HVAC system and an ERV. This size house is the size house picked by our superintendent of construction for his personal home.

Callisto 50’ — 1964 SF

50×17.5 - The Callisto is what we call the fifty foot Dome. This Dome probably gives more space per dollar than any of the others. Part of it is the window and door design. There is money saved by using inset windows. It has a lot of space, it could be a three or four bedroom, three bedroom with a den and an office and still have a very large living room.